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Australian sports

I've been doing a fair amount of research about Australian sport and posting it to  It has been really interesting to see geographic patterns emerge for some teams and leagues. An example:

Information on the WNBL.

WNBL on Bebo and LiveJournal by Australian city
WNBL on Bebo and LiveJournal by Australian city
Overview map  
WNBL on Bebo and LiveJournal by Australian city
Adelaide Lightning
Australian Institute of Sport
Canberra Capitals
Logan Thunder
Perth Lynx
Sydney Uni Flames
Townsville Fire

I've also worked on creating a list of the most popular Australian sports teams and players for Australian based leagues on Twitter.  The following are the ones I've found to the best popular:

I'm curious as to what networks and sites people see as popular ones for Australian sports fans.  Facebook seems to have a lot of fans. Twitter appears to be second. Yahoo!groups looks to be third. Bebo looks to be about fourth.   LiveJournal looks to be about fifth.  Blogger is about sixth.  Gaia Online looks to be pretty small, on par with LiveJournal clones.

For smaller leagues, what networks do you think fans are on?  I'm finding a few for the VFL on bebo but more appear to be on YouTube. Gridiron Australia also looks like it is on bebo, Youtube, Twitter and Yahoo!Groups. The Victorian Amateur Football Association looks like it is on YouTube and MySpace.

Where is the community for the AHL and teams like Canberra Labor Club Lakers, Southern Hotshots, Victoria Vikings?  Is there an active online fanbase for the NWBL ?  Is there a fanbase for Gridiron Australia Nationals  teams like ACT Monarchs and NSW Wolfpack?  Where is the fan community for the ANZ Championship New Zealand based Canterbury Tactix ?   A lot of these teams seem so small and niche that I can't see there being much interest in the online but you'd think the players would at least express an interest in their own teams.

Also, congrats to the Perth Wildcats on the NBL championship. :)
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