Slyyder (slyyder) wrote in ausports,

1st test

Hmmm wasnt much reaction, but lets try and breath some lifeback into this place anyway *S*

Just reading an article here about how Langer wants to play despite the injury, and maybe in part because he's worried that if Hussey (or whoever) comes in and ha a great performance, it could put his spot in jeopardy...

But actually, in that scenario, I think its Hayden who should be more worried... yes he has got a couple of scores recently, but to me he has still looked scrappy and out of form... Langer has still looked solid and in control... if Hussey came in, got a decent score, and Hayden failed again, when its time to bring Langer back in it may be Hayden thats dropped and Hussey that stays to open with Langer...

That said, I still think Hayden was lucky to be there for the ROW Supertest, and Martyn was the stiff one who should never have been dropped...
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